How do you pronounce

Neil Pasricha

 Hey everyone,

This is Neil Pasricha. And I made this super short page to share how to pronounce my name. I figured it was time to make the page when I noticed “neil pasricha pronunciation” is one of the most searched terms about me:




Lesson time.

My first name is Neil. You probably got that figured out.

And my last name is Pasricha. It is pronounced like pass-REACH-ahh

Think of it like passing a salt shaker, reaching for it, and then relaxing afterwards (ahh)


That’s it!

Now I know a lot of folks with hard-to-pronounce last names change their names. It’s super common. Jon Leibowitz is Jon Stewart. Gary Vaynarchuck is Gary Vee. I decided long ago never to be ashamed of my name or change it. I have no disrespect for these other folks.

For me I just don’t want to feel like two different people.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out,